The materials we prefer to use are rare, often one-of-a-kind pieces of wood reclaimed and salvaged from fallen trees on the ground or trees that have been cut for purposes other than lumber. Founder Brian Allen-Aguilar hand-selects each piece for character, figure, and beauty and is able to choose wood based on artistic qualities. He’s not constrained by standard lumber grading requirements. Furthermore, material which are harvested in log form must be milled and then dried, which can take some time (three months in a kiln and over a year for air-dry).

This is how Eagle’s Nest Artistry is able to offer beautiful, unique hardwood tables made out of wood you simply won’t find at traditional lumber suppliers or from traditional furniture makers. However, this can make it difficult to find material for custom projects with very specific needs or deadlines.

We also believe in letting the wood be our guide—we don’t force wood to fit specific measurements, space requirements or even straight lines. We love working on custom projects for flexible, open-minded folks who are looking for a functional piece of art.

Currently we regularly offer various table types with steel bases, and occasionally lamps, breadboards, trays, and other accessories.

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