Eagle’s Nest Artistry’s founder Brian Allen-Aguilar developed a passion for woodworking after the loss of his father to cancer in the summer of 2009 and before the death of his mother in the summer of 2010. It was while grieving the loss of his father that Brian found himself full of emotion, energy, and a sense of purpose he had developed as his father’s primary caregiver—now without an outlet through which to channel the turmoil. Under these circumstances, Brian found himself drawn more and more to the outdoors and the therapeutic state of flow he experienced while wandering the woods of a friend’s ranch, or working with his hands on what was at the time a minor refinishing hobby. It was merely a matter of weeks before Brian brought home his first piece of found wood and wondered, “What now?” A few more weeks and he had become completely obsessed, ushering in the beginning of a period of hyper-focus, during which Brian spent much of his free time consumed with the idea of turning found wood into something—anything—that would highlight the rustic beauty and character of natural wood with a soothing elegant finish. His journey had begun.

Self-taught with no formal background in design, Brian’s a tinkerer. He learned by screwing up, experimenting, asking questions—by doing.  He sought advice, guidance, and everything in between from Sandy Sternadel and Master Jerry at Austin’s fine-woodworking store Woodcraft #128. He gained the experience and ability to turn raw pieces of wood into rich, warm furniture through sweat, determination, hard work, and lots of practice.

Brian happily lives as a professional full-time artisan in Austin, Texas, where working with his hands turning discarded wood into natural-edge tables gives him immense joy. He started Eagle’s Nest Artistry to pass along this enjoyment to others through sustainable, thoughtful, functional furniture which highlights the natural beauty of wood.ourhistory